You are my horn of plenty.

Here, a beginning of a list, incomplete to be sure, of things big and little, that I’ve learned from all of you.

Some are just expressions that I’ve co-opted.  Others are lessons that struck me as foundational.

They’ve provoked my thinking.  Changed my behavior. Even inspired blog posts.

All of them have influenced.

*     *     *     *     *

  • From Gary:  “You bet” (said matter of factly).
  • From Prutha:  “Pretenders.”
  • From Sue:  Training is the right answer when there is a knowledge and/or skills gap.
  • From Eileen:  “Saywhatnow?”   🙂
  • From Mark:  “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”
  • Holly:  Real life defensive routines.
  • From Chris:  Personality: innate or developed?  (I recall those conversations very fondly…)
  • From a manager at Sears whose name I don’t recall:  Skill or will.
  • From Matthew:  Plan | Schedule | Execute and Manage the numbers;Lead the people
  • From Jim:  Disagree; don’t disobey.
  • From Chuck:  Engineering; UPS-style.
  • From Kasey:  How to work a room.  (I’ll never forget that performance!)
  • From an OD consultant, presenting to my Masters class, can’t remember her name!:  “A successful intervention that failed.”
  • From Simona:  Domain | Functional | Leadership.
  • From Rich:  Prescience.  (You’ve got it!  What’s emerging now?) and Courage, to experience new things, to stretch beyond comfort zones, to put yourself out there.
  • From Suzanne:  Everybody needs to tell somebody.
  • From John:  SCORM.  (But I still don’t know what it is!)
  • From Laura (and Don):  Systems thinking.  Action Science.  Argyris.  Productive Reasoning.  Stock and Flow diagramming.  (Amazing that we only actually worked together for a few months.  It was my professional renaissance.)
  • From Mike:  “Terrific.”
  • From Mark:  Right and wrong was derived from early social dynamics.
  • From Ivan:  Empirical.
  • From Dan:  Libertarianism.
  • From Jamie:  Empathy.  Tolerance.
  • From Neda:  Optics.
  • From Dennis:  “So What?”
  • From Erik:  Blogging!  (I will forever be grateful.  I feel I have found my voice.)

*     *     *     *     *


(What will I learn from you tomorrow?)