I have decided to do nothing.

To take no action.

To go with the flow.

To wait things out.

To let the game come to me.

To see how things play out.

There is actually a name for this approach (and no, it isn’t laziness, surrender, helplessness, or any other victim-like characterizations!).

Wu wei.

How about them apples!

The literal meaning of wu wei is non-action or non-doing.

The practice of wei wu wei — action without action — is a fundamental tenet in Chinese thought, mostly emphasized by the Taoist school. 

*     *     *     *     *

“Tao now John?”

Yes; and no I haven’t gone off the deep end…

Taoism is a Chinese philosophical tradition whose roots extend back to 3000 B.C.  The essential message of Taoism is that life constitutes an organic, interconnected whole which undergoes constant transformation.

I’m a’thinkin’ my organization is about to undergo a transformation.

More accurately, there is likely going to be a whole lotta change over the next few months, with the intended effect being transformation.  And, ultimately, an enhanced capability to drive sustained  shareholder value.

I am inside this transformation, in the very real sense that I am a resource that may very well be redeployed, with a redefined contribution, very different accountability and very different expectations.  I also can be moved out …

At the very same time, because of my specialized expertise, I am outside the transformation, above it so to speak, in the sense that I can see what’s about to happen, not necessarily in detail, but in affect.

And I really can see the possibility of a new beach, even as I track the hurricane approaching the shoreline …

*     *     *     *     *

Change is hard.  Transition is hard.  Acceptance is hard.

Resistance is harder.

So I have decided to do nothing … to take no action … to go with the flow … to wait things out … to let the game come to me … to see how things play out.

I am going to emulate the mother bird that is in her nest amidst the angry flow of the waterfall.  I am going to be, in the midst of the turbulence, at peace.

And I am going to trust in myself, believing that I will know when the time is right for me to act with action.  I will have a reservoir of energy to ferociously apply my expertise.

Until then, I will act without action.

Do you think chanting would be helpful?