“Apparently you can’t get a job in this town unless you can do something!”

– Lucy Ricardo, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Soon, I will be entering month three in my search for a job.  And I know how to do a thing or two Lucy!

Compared to the averages, I’m still early on.  Seems four to six months is the typical search duration, even longer when setting your sights on a leader-level role.

One former colleague, as we began reconnecting over lunch, said, regrettably, “It took me 14 months” …

While sharing our relative job search experiences, another former colleague (also jobless for several months) noted, with resignation, “I’m now getting a lot of reading done.”


And these people are not Lucy; these are talented people who very definitely know how to do something!

*     *     *     *     *

For me, this time is not like the last time.  The last time was thirty years ago, and I was big time stressed, in financial distress, and not at all confident that I had marketable skills.

Languishing at home, I would weekday after weekday hear with classic soap opera-like gravity: like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives…  

UGH!  My gosh even to this day when I hear that refrain I feel my stomach churn …

I am not big time stressed now.  We are financially okay.  And I am confident this time around.

But that said, I admit that there is an unnerving psychological similarity to thirty years ago …

Today it is Kelly and Michael and their “time for our wheely wild winter travel triviaaaaaa” … which, while admittedly not having the same emotional weight as like sands through an hourglass it is nevertheless beginning to evoke that thirty-years-ago-stomach-dropping-feeling of dread!


Two former colleagues who are now friends observed that it didn’t seem like I was at all enjoying the aspect of not having to work, receiving the gift of time at home …

Look, I can’t say it hasn’t had its advantages — my quiet time in the morning in my robe with my coffee and by the fireplace with my puppy dog on my lap is, yes, pleasant — but, enjoyable?

It’s time to go to work.

Work is, I remember telling my friends, in my DNA … I can’t not work.  I, generally, like to work.

And I can work.  I know how to do something!

There will, I am sure, come a time when my attitude will tip and not working will have it’s attraction.  It will be time to do something else.

And when I retire, I will enjoy it.  That may be a time when I really enjoy watching Kelly and Michael spin that wheel!

But that time is not now.  Now, I want to work, but I am unemployed.

Yet I am employable.  I am able to be employed.

So, like sands through an hourglass, finding that job is only a matter of time.

But I wheely am not enjoying!


(PS:  But it felt wheely wheely good to write this post and be back blogging again!)