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Everyone thinks Possibility Girl is possibly a genius.

Any day now, they continually agree, Possibility Girl will make it big.  Become a star.  “You won’t forget us when you’re famous, will you?” they always say, as Possibility Girl begins yet another amazing project.

The only person who doesn’t believe in Possibility Girl’s possible genius, is Possibility Girl herself.

She thinks they’re being too kind.

She isn’t gifted at all.  She’s a fake genius, bluffing her way through life. 

She is convinced the moment she tries to actually achieve her full potential, she will fail, fall flat on her face, and the people who once admired her from afar, will admire her no more.

And so Possibility Girl never actually achieves anything.

She just sits on the edge of her possible glory and basks in the adoration of her potential.

A Beautiful Revolution

I am a middle-aged man now, with an accomplished career and in a position of responsibility and influence.

And yet, in some very real sense …

… I am Possibility Girl.

(Are you too?)