Based on page views, the top posts from the year…


#10:  Kissing While Driving (March 5)

#9: 7 Corporate Tenets… and a Witch Hunt (March 19)

#8:  Don’t Climb That Pole! (February 26)

#7:  Burn the Boats (May 3)

#6:  Maslow’s Hammer (August 2)

#5:  “Close Cover Before Striking” (March 11)

#4:  Fighting the Physics (April 9)

#3:  Pieces/Parts (July 16)

#2:  Papa’s Tomato Garden (May 24)

#1:  At Peace (May 7)

If you didn’t catch any of these the first time around, by all means check them out now…

And if you didn’t see your favorites on the top ten list, leave a comment and let me know what you liked!

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countries word cloudSince the first post, johnponders has had over 10,000 visits from 95 countries!  I don’t quite know how that happened … but I am thankful for your past and future visiting!