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A village was planning a gala New Year’s Eve celebration.  Every inhabitant of the village was asked to contribute a bottle of wine, pouring it into a giant vat in the town square.  On New Year’s Eve, the vat would be available to everyone, to drink and usher in the new year.

At midnight, the town fathers opened the spigots and invited the people to share the wine, but when they raised their glasses, they found them filled with water.

It seems everyone in the town had the same idea:  If all my neighbors bring wine, nobody will notice if I bring a bottle of water instead.

Everyone cheated, and as a result, everyone got cheated.

Living a Life That Matters:  Resolving the Conflict Between Conscience and Success.  Harold S. Kushner, 2001

A most unfortunate blend …

… of wine and people!

Here’s hoping your new year’s gala is with a much more flavorful and satisfying blend.

Of wine and people!

A  toast!  May your new year be full of good spirit and good experience; good words and good thoughts; good love and good life!